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Best place to buy ICO coins? ICOSTART.COM !!!

The initial coin offering platform First for those of you new to crypto, your first question might be “What is an ICO”? What is an initial coin offering (ICO) An Initial Coin Offering is a popular way to raise money for a new cryptocurrency project by distributing a percentage of the initial coin supply among the early supporters and backers. An ICO solves the problem of initial coin distribution, since the supply goes to whoever has given money towards the project development. If youve been in Crypto for a while you know that ICO is a great way to “get in” early for additional profits. There can be enormous profits if you choose the right ICO at the right time. There is now a website that is dedicated to selling trusted ICO coins. Its called ICOSTART.COM . Its unique in many ways as its one of its kind and also they are extremely particular about what coins they host there. Not everything gets listed, in fact most dont. IcoStart.com is the platform that brings together promising new coins and cryptocurrency investors. With an intuitive user interface it has become very easy for everyone to invest in new coin initiatives. Investors can buy coins straight from the website and transfer the coins to their wallet right away. IcoStart.com does a thorough inspection of both the coin source code as well as the background of the development team which ensures a quality investment for potential investors. Buy new coin offers Buys are free of charge and the minimum order size is 50,000 satoshi. This makes investing in the initial coin offerings in reach for small holders as well. The website shows live statistics so you can follow how many coins are already sold and the remaining time for the offer. Deposits As we experienced the bitcoin deposits are blazing fast. After sending our bitcoins to the given address the transaction was visible instantly. It only took 2 confirmations before we could spend them. Withdrawals The withdrawal option works very fast it took just a couple of seconds before we received our coins after we confirmed the withdrawal through email. We noticed that withdrawals could also be cancelled before they are confirmed. Faucets For most coin offerings there will be a faucet available. You can get a small amount of the given coin for free so you can test the wallet before you invest. This allows you to see how the coin works and for example stake some coins. There is no minimum withdrawal amount and the costs of the withdrawal is limited to the fee that is charged by the network of the coin to perform the actual transaction. Dice game If you feel lucky, then you can take a gamble and double your coins. With the coin dice game there is a 50% chance that you double your coins instantly. You can bet on odd or even and roll the dice for amounts as low as 1 satoshi. Costs for investors This is great news for investors because IcoStart.com will cost absolutely nothing for investors. All buys are free of charge. Costs for developers that offer their coin If you are a developer you can simply fill out the form https://icostart.com/AddCoin to request a listing for your coin. The costs are 10% of the raised fund, and nothing more. After the offering After the initial offering all remaining coins are burned. IcoStart.com will deliver a proof of burn address that will be publicly announced through the website and twitter. The raised funds are held by IcoStart.com for 5 days to protect investors from possible technical difficulties. Premium support Unlike some other trading platforms IcoStart.com offers premium support for every user and coin developer that uses the platform. This means that your inquiries will be personally answered by the support crew within 24 hours. Conclusion We are very positive about IcoStart.com. All features worked flawlessly and we think it is a great idea that fulfills a need for both developers and investors. As far as we know there is no other platform that specifically hosts initial coin offerings. In that way it is a unique website and we expect it to become THE place to buy all ICO coins before launched!

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