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Moin Coin (Moin) V2 – Takeover & Swap (Click Header)

     MOIN Coin V2 (MOIN) Wallets Available below! KingCaper, a BitCoinTalk Senior Member, has put together a team to takeover Moin Coin (Moin). They are doing a Swap of the old Moin coin and will focus on a vision coupled with Design & Innovation. The original Moin Coin  is still available for purchase on Yobit until the swap. If you are a holder Moin coin, this is exciting as it comes back from the dead. An active giveaway is available on CryptoCoinTalk. Specifications:   60 sec blocks Min. Stake Time = 8 Hours Max. Stake Time = Unlimited Transactions = 10 Confirmations Swap – 10 Moin V2 to 1 Moin V1 Unclaimed Moin Destroyed at end of swap! POS: Year 1 – 50%, Year 2 – 25%, Decreasing Annually “Super” Blocks  1 “Super”Block every 2 weeks 10k, 10k, 15k, 25k, and 50k  – WOW! WALLETS – Click Box Below For complete information, please visit the new Moin V2 discussion thread at BitCoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1237881.new#new Or, the new Moin Website: https://discovermoin.com  

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Moin is a Danish, Frisian and Low German greeting meaning “hello” and in some places “goodbye”. Ticker: MOIN Algo: SHA256d Block Time: 1 minute P2P Port: 59901 RPC Port: 59902 PoS Interest Rate: 9% Min Stake Age: 8 hours Maturity: 100 blocks PoW Reward Schedule 0-19: 0 MOIN 20-999: 79 MOIN 1000-17999: 59 MOIN 18000-19999: 89 MOIN Estimated Supply After PoW 1.2m MOIN (less with PoS) Addnodes: addnode= addnode= Note: As always I only post the pool that has all the hash. Main Bitcointalk ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1068645.0

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