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Flycoin (FLY) update on my personal coin. Finally a trusted coin with quality and integrity that will around for years!

 Fly is just over 30 days old, and has a staggering market cap of around $300,000 +/- . Flycoin is like nothing else youve ever seen in crypto. EVERYTHING is the opposite. Everything about fly is all about trust, teamwork, support, and the best quality quality quality!!! First the wallet is created by the best wallet coder in the world, legendary Hero member: Presstab. Known as “The god of POS coins”. FLY is NOT based on the latest technology. You wont find masternodes, or the latest wallet inovations. FLY run by a very powerful team of 10. Meetings are held in a slack chat room around the clock everyday to discuss ways of making FLYcoin better and better. So whats so different about FLY? EVERYTHING! FLY operates completely different that all other coins! I handpick investors that are trusted in the community , and they purchase fly at a VERY deep discounted rate from my wallet, and send the btc to my Yobit wallet. These funds from sales of my flycoin wallet will ONLY be used to buy more FLY and sell to any of the existing investors only, keeping it private and even more limited. Those existing investors will buy FLY from me sending their BTC to my btc address on Yobit, so everyone can see this where this money will go to the exchange and not my private wallet. This will make our money supply % stronger as a group, and more valuable. It will LOWER my wallet balance, and raise EVERYONE’S total value of their wallets and balance the richlist. Even though I will have less coins, they will be worth more each. NONE of the highest holders are allowed to sell any of their base amount (main wallet) for any reason. The exception is myself. I can sell part of my base amount to a new investor that I know and trust and is agreed on by the FLYcoin team in slack. The btc generated will ALL be used to buy up the price on yobit. My balance becomes LESS, and EVERYONE’S coins are worth MUCH more. ALL private sales will be announced on the FLY coin thread, and it will be labeled in my wallet so everyone can see my transactions and what they were used for. When a new member is invited, it will be announced on our slack channel who they are and amount that was sold to them. The minimum to do a private buy into FLY is .5 btc , and you must be respected and trusted and follow the rules to ONLY sell your POS rewards.   SUPERFLY WALLET: So it sure does sound like the “Rich getting Rich” in the above paragraph doesnt it? Well to balance things  in comes “SuperFLY” wallet that greatly benefits everyone EXCEPT the rich. Heres the details: The idea is aimed at helping “the little guy” that supports fly. Here is how it will work. The wallet will be hardforked. Normal transaction fees will remain unchanged , except there will be an added special fee. We are still determining the percent but we are looking at 7%-10% The higher the TX fees , the higher the super FLY wallet rewards will be, as the balance will grow FAST. So if you have no intention on moving money, this will benefit you the most. The regular TX fees will go into the normal tx staking fund. Tx fees generated by the “special fee” will be directed towards a staking wallet. Anyone with a balance that is BELOW 5000 FLY and is active in the thread, and has a done a name claim, and has validated their identity as an active member on bitcointalk.org or active in slack is eligible to get staking rewards from the SuperFLY wallet. To remain eligible:   You must NOT create any outbound transactions. So if you have, then stop now. If you want to sell your profits, you MUST use the “savings feature” and setup another wallet where your staking rewards will be held. You are welcome to sell from this wallet. The staking rewards will be evenly sent to the different wallets automatically using “savings” The rewards are NOT based on your balance. Its based on how many people qualify. So if there are 5 users getting rewards, you will get 20% regardless of balance. If there are 4 members, then you will get 25%. Your main balance of FLY must be at least 100 FLY. That is not much to show you are serious about FLY. Thats about $100 USD . You must post something meaningful on the FLY thread at least once a week or you will be removed from the special rewards program. *SPECIAL RESCUE MISSIONS BY THE FLY TEAM USING SUPERFLY* All members with a balance of 5000 FLY will automatically exempt. No exceptions! (So I am except). This program is about helping the “little guy”. A first in crypto.   Ticker: FLY Algo: X13 Min Stake age: 7 days, Max stake age 28 days POS % Annually: 50% Includes Superblocks up to 20x Coin supply: 163,232 (on 10/22/15) 0.5% chance of 2x multiplier 0.4% chance of 3x multiplier 0.09% chance of 5x multiplier 0.009% chance of 10x multiplier 0.0001% chance of 20x multiplier 64-bit V1.5 for windows , coded by Presstab. Flycoin.conf: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Main bitcointalk thread ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1154550.0 Coin Market cap:

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