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XDE II (XDE2) Double Eagle coin. THE highest priced altcoin EVER @$16 a coin!!

“Its been called the most beautiful crypto wallet ever created” Now before we delve into XDE II , let me be open and say this is my coin. I am the creator and owner of XDEII. The original XDE was released on August 13th, 2014. The Original XDE wallet looked like this: I was actually mining at the time and mined almost 1 coin of the total 100 coins available. Because there were only 100 coins, and a very low POS reward, the price of XDE was very high. If youve been in crypto long enough, you know that people in crypto typically dont like expensive coins. What I mean by expensive is anything over say 20,000 sats ( 5 cents USD) So XDE was demanding $4-5 a coin , which is quite unheard of. So nobody was buying it, and the coin  began to lose interest and it failed. Over the next 2 years, many devs gave it an honest try to make it work. They made the wallet look better, raised the POS% , but people just were not buying, and the threads were dead. There were 6 different major wallet releases for XDE. Each one got better and better.  Here is their final release of XDE: Its a looker!!! I loved the design. There was a community behind it, BUT it still did NOT fixed its most major problem: Extreme low coin count, and extreme high prices. So the coin begins to fail. XDE was removed from C-cex exchange for lack of volume. I posted on the xde thread that they should list on Yobit as yobit wont delist a coin because of lack of volume. That was accomplished, but people STILL were not interested. So one day I did a post to try to remedy the situation and explain what I thought was wrong. I explained that the coin needed to be purposefully inflated to lower the price. I was then asked to takeover the coin. I Approached my team with my plan and they liked it. I then posted on the XDE thread that I was taking over. Well to make a long story short, not every user of XDE was on board, but we moved forward anyway. Fast forward to Jan 1st 2016. XDE II is born! Our First wallet: NAME: XDE II [XDE AKA DoubleEagle] TICKER: XDE2 ALGORITHM: SHA256 (Full POS rare coin) Starting amount of coins: 1000 XDEII POS Interest: 100% (for standard, free wallets) Min Stake Age: 24hrs Max Stake Age: 28 days There are 4 different wallets, and they will all look VERY different. Their min stake age is 24 hours. Their most important feature though is their POS rate, and they are as follows: Platinum wallet: 150% per year cost 2BTC a total of 7 will exist and 5 will be owned by each team member. 1 will be a “community wallet” described later. ONLY 1 will be available to the public at the cost of 2 btc. Gold wallet yields 125% per year. A total of 5 will be available to the public at the cost of 1.2 btc each Silver wallet yields 112.5% per year. A total of 10 silver wallets will be available to the public. Cost 1 BTC each Standard wallet will be free and yields 100% per year. Unlimited wallets. IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO SELL YOUR SPECIAL WALLET AT ANY TIME FOR ANY PRICE YOU LIKE. YOUR POS% IS LINKED TO YOUR WALLET ADDRESS. There is a community wallet that is called “Golden Eagles” It is a platinum wallet that stakes at 150% per year. It will be used to reward those that support XDE2 Team members will NOT be eligible for rewards from “Golden Eagles” Golden Eagles address: http://xde2.dnsalias.com/address/xMErPU5nDWhdAtGwBZsaC5xP4XzsJpsCNJ    Vegasguy (Team leader/OP/Graphics and UI layout) Keesdewit (Lead dev) Griffith (Dev) Woody (Expert Financial Analyst) Metamorphin (PR and Marketing) More information can always be found at our ann on bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1310435.0 AT 100% per year interest compounded daily @$16 a coin, this is easily the best coin out there. Period! Our final wallet layout:

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