Tekcoin more generious than originally thought.

Tekcoin has been through its troubles, but it has slowly ironed out to be a good coin. With my new sha farm I was putting 2 Ths a day to it, and getting around 2 coins every minute or two. If you know about tekcoin you know that you must hold your coins in your wallet for 30 days, and then it will begin to pay POS rewards. With most pos coins you MUST create blocks big enough for them to carry weight using coin control. Well I just mined them 24/7 and just left the rewards the way they were and did not use coin control, and here are the results. Ive stopped mining a few days ago, the pos rewards have looked like this for a few days non stop. Yes, Tek has tumbled in price like all high POS coins, and lost about 90% of value. My plan was to mine for 30 days around the clock non stop and then get rewards from the pos every few minutes for the life of the coin. So far this has been the case.

(Click pic for larger image)

tek coin proof of stake rewards
tekcoin pos rewards


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