Truckcoin (TRK) gets new wallet version V0.9.8.5 from dev Noise23 on July 30th 2015



If you havent heard of Truckcoin (TRK), you should take a hard look and consider it. Its over 1 year old , and has a yearly interest rate of 200% per year. Presstab has been involved with its development, and its wallet is FLAWLESS! Noise23 the dev is a big part of the wallet updates for Tekcoin. Anyway you came here for the wallet update.

Truckcoin wallet V . (click icon below):


If you like all the other mature high POS coins, youll LOVE Truck!

Here are the changes:

New Tuckcoin wallet release v0.9.8.5: (non-mandatory update)

– Enable/Disable PoS mining switch agged to GUI (settings menu)
– Proof-of-Stake Mining Controls Implemented:
-staking start-up switch enables/disables PoS generation;
getstaking RPC command displays current PoS switch status;
setstaking RPC command enables/disables PoS generation.
– Initial blockchain download bugfix
– Enable IRC peer discovery
– Fix premature staking on unsynced blockchain or if wallet has less than 2 connections
– Some other upgrades and improvements.

More information can be found on Truckcoins thread on

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