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Recommended Wallet Upgrade to Version

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This new Truckcoin wallet – version ( – is NOT compatible with the older blockchain structure! You will need to delete the old blockchain and  re-synch your wallet. Please backup your wallet.dat file to avoid accidentally deleting it. However, Truckcoin is the brainchild of Hero Member of, noise23 and, he thinks of everything (He is also the developer of highly successful altcoin – TEK). noise23 has provided an up-to-date bootstrap to make the process fast and painless. If you do not own TruckCoin, you might want to jump in today. Truckcoin is traded on the following exchanges: Bittrex, Cryptonia and Cryptsy.

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If you are new to TruckCoin, noise23 has made it easy to educate yourself on this fantastic coin. Every Altcoin should use this coin as a model of how a great coin develops a loyal community.

Official Website:

Technical Specifications:

Ticker: TRK
PoS interest: 200% per year
PoS Maximum Reward : 200 TRK per block
Min stake time: 9 Days – Max stake time: 30 Days
Seed Nodes

Wallet Fixes and Upgrades are too numerous to name them all. A few of the highlights are: Coin Control – many changes, fix memory exhaustion, add & use checkstake function and many more.  See the website for a complete list of changes.

Wallets & Bootstrap

Bootstrap Click Here!

Window Wallet Click the Logo Below!

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Mac Wallet Click on the Logo Below!


Linux Wallet Click on the Logo  Below!


Raspberry Pi Click on the Logo Below!

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Window Daemon Click on the Logo Below!

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This coin has earned the “Vegas Seal of Approval“.

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