Trustplus coin (Trust). A coin worth considering…

Guys Trust plus has been around now since July 4th 2014. But latley (in the last few weeks) has gained alot of attention. There are many nice features I like about this coin that I want to share with you.

Most of you know me , already know I like coins that are staking monsters. This coin has massive staking power (see pic below). Staking info:

POS annual interest rate is 18%

Minimum stake time: 8 hours

An established coin thats here to stay, dev wont be dumping premine and running off.

Wallet is flawless, mature, and bug free

Large volume on Bittrex. Past 24 hours on Bittrex was : 19+ BTC

You can buy Trustplus with fiat, and there is talk of the ability soon to sell Trust plus with fiat

Price is rising. 2 days ago was 200+ sat, now over 500 sat


Here are this vitals:

Main ann page:

POS APR : 18%

Min stake age: 8 hrs

Windows wallet (latest as of 2/14/15):


There might be other exchanges but this is the main one. I checked polo and Cryptsy and its not listed there.

Heres the magic:

Trust plus coin pos
Trust plus coin pos





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  1. am new to this.have been contacted by someone who claims to have over 11m of the 31m and intends to dictate the this possible or not?

  2. ALso I did check the “Richlist” and the largest holder at the top only has 1.8 MIL coins, so your information you received is innacurate. Most mature coins have a rich list. The richlist for trustplus can be found here:

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