Yovi – Rise only Market (ROM). A New twist to a very old game.



When I was a kid, they called it “musical chairs”. It has a different name now, its called “Rise only market”. I never was any good at musical chairs, and hopefully things have changed. There was only one thing I really didnt like about that game, and it was that most people who participated got screwed. Well, “Rise only market” is the 2015 version.

Here is the deal: Youll love this 😉

Its actually quite simple:

– sells are only allowed to be placed higher than the current lowest sell.

Its as simple as that.

Here is the good news, the price that YOU buy it at will NOT go lower, ever. It could even go higher! Sounds good right? The people selling, can ONLY sell at a higher price than the top sell.

Ok Im a sucker, and got some just for fun. See, this is why I love crypto, a new way to get screwed everyday.

Heres the link to the main thread:


Rest assured the last one in the chair will be…

yovi guy in chair

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